Michigan Connected Corridor Project’s Phase 1 includes a route from Ann Arbor, home of May Mobility, to the city of Detroit. Image credit: Cavnue.

Our vision at May Mobility is to transform cities through autonomous driving. We mean that literally — that cities will start to physically change as transportation systems enabled by autonomy become available. …

Will you pay more for a self-driving feature on your next car? Not likely — 78% of Americans say they wouldn’t pay more than $2,000 for a self-driving car feature. When added to today’s vehicles, self-driving technology doesn’t make commutes shorter and doesn’t make parking easier. But self-driving technology will enable a whole new class of transportation services that can transform the way we build and get around cities.

Suppose you’re at a car dealership in a few years’ time. The salesperson is pitching a self-driving upgrade option. …

Blockchain, or more broadly speaking, the idea of a decentralized ledger of transactions whose authenticity and authority are established by a community of users, is pretty darn appealing. Cutting out unnecessary middlemen seems like a big win, particularly if those middlemen are corrupt, incompetent, or simply have goals that are…

Edwin Olson

CEO of May Mobility, Professor of Computer Science at University of Michigan

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